We are a global duty free brand agency

FreeWorld Brands is a new agency set up to partner and develop internationally focused brands – especially alcohol and spirits brands – in duty-free channels on a global basis

FreeWorld Brands fosters long-term relationships with brand partners, helping them to showcase their products to a global audience and drive significant growth in the duty-free market. With significant expertise and dedication to excellence, FreeWorld Brands empower brands to elevate their presence and captivate travelers with exceptional drinks products.

About Us

We have developed expertise and connections in the Duty-Free channels and will utilise these to develop the distribution and equity of a distinctively selected portfolio of remarkable international brands.

FreeWorld Brands also offers support in Export Development and Strategy for brands that are part of the Duty-Free portfolio.

Our Services

FreeWorld Brands specializes in connecting brands with lucrative duty-free channels, providing unparalleled opportunities for global expansion and increased revenue. With our extensive network and industry expertise, we seamlessly facilitate partnerships between brands and duty-free channels worldwide. We offer comprehensive services, including distribution development, brand building / positioning and export development, all specifically for duty-free environments.


Free World Brands offers access for internationally focused brands to new and diverse channels such as: Cruise lines, Airport Retail & Duty Free Shops, Ferries, International Airlines, Military, and, Border Shops.

Brand Building

Duty Free Channels are a "shop window" for International brands - a great place for current and future drinks to 'browse' in a normally time rich environment, and for the future drinker to engage with the brand in compelling and different ways.

FreeWorld Brands - Export Development

Export Development

Free World Brands, if needed, also offers support to its brand partners in Export Development and Strtegy Development using the international experience of the team and of a very broad network of distributors and brand owners.


FreeWorld Brands acts as an agent for some of the most new and exciting award-winning drinks brands.  Have a look at our Portfolio.

Why work with us?

We are experts in global Duty Free channels.

Global Networks

We offer a Global Network with support & partners in specific locations providing global reach and regional knowledge for brand owners.

Global Networks

Brand Development

A strong track record in brand development and brand promotion / marketing having sides in both sales and marketing backgrounds as well as leadership roles in the drinks industry globally.

Regional specialisation

Each membr of our network / team is specialised in their dofferent regions. This ensures that local factors, such as ranging and culture, are considered to ensure a tailored offer by region for our brand partners.

Why Duty Free?

The duty-free retailing market has witnessed steady growth in recent years, primarily driven by an increase in international travel and tourism. 

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